The Orbitron 3000™ is the world’s fastest and most efficient electrostatic fluid filtration system available. The Orbitron 3000™ is a compact and cost-effective industrial electrostatic oil cleaner that will allow equipment to operate with substantially diminished risk of failure due to contamination. The Orbitron 3000™ allows users to cut maintenance costs and reduce wasted oil to a negligible fraction. The utilization of this Orbitron® technology prolongs the useful life of equipment, avoids costly shut downs and increases profitability.

The Orbitron 3000™ filtration system has the unique ability to remove a variety of lubricant contaminants. The Orbitron 3000™ system removes varnish, oxidation by-products, large contamination particles, sub-micron contamination, water and in addition, strips varnish build-up from internal metal surfaces. No matter what contamination issue your lubrication system has, the Orbitron 3000™ has the ability to remove it. By utilizing its unique, patent-pending interchangeable filter elements, the Orbitron 3000™ will have your lubrication system operating continuously with pristine oil, while preventing future contamination and subsequent system downtime.

  • For many industries (manufacturing, mining, refineries, sea-based shipping, energy (conventional and wind), paper mills, food processing, waste water treatment … and more… rely on clean, pristine lubricants to keep expensive machinery running properly and efficiently. Orbitron’s engineers set out to ensure industry have contaminant-free lubrication 100% of the time. Advanced electrostatic technology helps companies reduce the amount of lubricants they procure — saving natural resources and reducing waste oil disposal.


  • The Orbitron 3000’s 22-field electrostatic filter is the fastest and most efficient electrostatic lubricant filtration system available. The unit is compact (the size of a small refrigerator), processes lubricants at a rate of 5-gallons per minute and filters more contaminants than conventional mechanical / medium-based filters. Electrostatic filters can capture and eliminate sub-micron contaminants.


  • Technological advances include:
    • On-board, real-time lubricant analysis — to help identify contaminants that may indicate if (for example) a bearing, gear set, drive shaft, etc. may need attention — before catastrophic failure occurs resulting in costly shut down and extended repair downtime.
    • On-board systems also provide this analysis to operators in real-time — vs. waiting for a once-daily report.


  • Varnish Removal:
    • Independent tests prove once lubricants are purified by the Orbitron 3000, varnish build-up is eliminated and existing varnish is removed.
    • Orbitron’s model 3000 took part in a comprehensive test in late 2016 with the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC). Third party analysis revealed all OUC pre-specified levels for lubricant filtration and purification were met or exceeded. Turbine oil which was initially diagnosed as “dirty with small levels of H2O” was cleaner than unopened, new oil.


  • Key attributes of the Orbitron 3000:
    • Prolong equipment life of expensive machinery
    • Avoid costly machinery shutdowns
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Cut the need for lube oil procurement
    • Eliminate waste oil disposal costs